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Live Healthy, Be Well


Our modern healthcare industry is broken. But there is hope. 

After being a medical professional with a background in clinical laboratory science, chemistry, and pharmacy for over 20 years; I became disillusioned enough with conventional medicine to leave the industry. 

I have suffered a great deal from a serious and life-altering illness, and from the complications created by the treatment. In 2013 I started researching other options, and found them. This is where my journey into herbalism and complimentary medicine began. 

These days, I take much more personal responsibility and accountability for my own health.  I prefer to prevent illness when possible. I search for potential causes for symptoms when I’m not well, rather than relying solely on doctors to “fix” problems after they occur, or treating/masking symptoms with prescriptions. 

There are times when modern medicine is necessary, and it can be lifesaving. There are also times when symptoms, like warning signs, are telling us something is wrong and our bodies need a lifestyle change rather than a prescription. 

My personal wellness plan is a well rounded, comprehensive approach to better health and wellness. I incorporate natural options when possible. Nutrition, balancing activity while still getting adequate rest, stress management, spirituality, interpersonal relationships, and environmental factors are all key components. 

I’m not a doctor, so I don’t offer medical advice. But, I do share information about many health related topics. I encourage others to do research using reputable sources. Being well informed enables us to better care for ourselves and equips us to be more effective self-advocates while working with our healthcare professionals when needed to achieve our best possible level of health and wellness. 

We have interactive Facebook groups, where we share information, and demonstrate how we use plants and herbs to make items such as: infused oils, tinctures, salves, creams, balms, syrups, poultices, handmade soaps, and other items. We also learn about herbs, plants, foraging, and herbal safety. 

I’m a guest instructor at Pioneering Today Academy, and teach at gatherings throughout the Midwest. I hope to inspire others to achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

Live Healthy, Be Well 

~ Tracy

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