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Naturally Beautiful

I care about what I put on my skin. I believe soap is only as good as the ingredients used to make it.  

I use only the best skin pampering oils, butters, and waxes to make products I feel good about using. I offer small batch soaps and skincare items handmade from high quality ingredients. My soaps are currently available through the Sparrow Rose Soap & Herbs Facebook group.

Look Good, Feel Good

Dry, sensitive, irritable skin used to be a chronic issue for me. I wanted a more natural approach to soothing and nurturing my skin. I got tired of paying too much for products full of chemicals, which I didn’t really love. So, I started making my own skin care line from gentle, nourishing ingredients. My skin looks and feels wonderful. I’ve been sharing my product line with family and friends. These products are now available for sale. 

Live Healthy, Be Well

After over 20 years experience as a medical professional; with a background in clinical laboratory science, chemistry, and pharmacy, I became disillusioned with conventional medicine. I wanted to incorporate other more natural options when possible. Instead of relying solely on doctors to fix problems, or treat symptoms; I started taking more personal responsibility and accountability for my own health. 

Now I use a more well rounded, comprehensive approach to better health and wellness. My approach encompasses nutrition, activity, adequate rest, stress management, spirituality, interpersonal relationships, and environmental factors.

I’m not a doctor, so I don’t offer medical advice. But, I do share information about many health related topics. I enjoy helping others along their own journey toward wellness. 
I teach through Pioneering Today Academy. I also have interactive Facebook groups. where I demonstrate how I use plants and herbs to make items such as infused oils, tinctures, salves, creams, balms, syrups, poultices, handmade soaps, and other items. I hope to inspire to achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.
Live healthy and be well.


My Blog

Posts about life.  My writings about soap, herbs, homesteading, faith, self improvement, and other topics.


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